Market-leading business analytics

Identify real-time trends to increase productivity and improve customer service

Business Analytics

Tollring specialises in developing powerful business analytics solutions that seamlessly integrate with PBX and cloud UC telephony.

Modular in design and proven as best-of-breed, partners can select and brand the products that suit their portfolio, to add value to propositions and achieve competitive differentiation.

Tollring analytics solutions cover 4 key areas:

  • Customer Analytics: Business analytics for cutting edge workforce productivity
  • Partner Analytics: Partner management tools and analytics for self-sufficiency
  • TEM: Telecoms Expense Management and Telecoms Audit for control of the entire telecoms estate
  • Billing: APIs and Billing Feeds for usage management and automated billing

Powerful Insight

Understanding the ‘customer experience’ is increasingly seen as the key to competitive advantage.  

Although there are now many channels of communication, the telephone remains the preferred method for immediate customer interaction and is a source for significant insight. Conversations happen in real-time, providing instant feedback for better decision-making.

Incorporating business analytics and call recording to any customer service strategy provides business leaders with the assurance that decisions are based on a more complete picture of customers’ behaviour.

Business communications can be tracked, monitored and evaluated using analytics and call recording.  Real-time analytics deliver business-critical KPIs on visual dashboards and wallboards.  Call recording playback and evaluation provides instant qualitative feedback for informed decisions.

A single consolidated view of assets, usage, cost and performance provides visibility and insight for telecoms expense management.

Highlighted trends can raise questions that affect customer service levels as well as the overall cost of business operations.

An independent telecoms cost audit is a good place to start, then for ongoing analysis a fully managed self-service application makes light work of complex tasks.

Our solutions are sold via an extensive network of global partners, who work with us to achieve dynamic product evolution in line with customer need.

Partners are provided access to an analytics and management tools to manage customers, licenses, self-provisioning, utilisation, billing and fraud configuration in one single portal.

Customer Analytics

Customer analytics are a proven differentiator but not just for customers – analytics add significant value to partner propositions.

Tollring analytics solutions have become best-of-breed and market-leading, following adoption by multiple service providers, telecoms manufacturers and system integrators. In addition to a suite of partner management tools, partners benefit from rapid Go-To-Market support, product localisation and multi-tier brand personalisation.

Tollring analytics deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Our solutions are accessible 24/7 from any device, offer multi-language capability for global rollouts, scalability, ease of use and attractive user interfaces. Various deployment options are available – cloud (private or shared instance), hybrid or on-premise.

Tollring customer analytics solutions add value to partner portfolios…

  • Proven and deployed in multiple tier 1 global carriers and global OEMs.
  • Low cost of ownership; easy to support and simplified pre-sales training effort.
  • Drive customer loyalty and create ‘lock-in’ through a ‘sticky’ proposition.
  • Highly demonstrable and compelling customer proposition.
  • Build it your way; cloud (your data centre or ours), hybrid or on-premise.
  • Modular fully integrated solution with the option to ‘bake-in’ business analytics for higher adoption rates and increased revenue opportunity.
  • Multi-language capability / localisation for global rollouts.
  • Rapid Go-To-Market support.

As well as delivering real business value to your customers…

  • A single portal for a unified user experience, combining all productivity tools in one placecall analytics, wallboards and call recordings.
  • A single mobile-optimised portal offering different views for different user types and user requirement (eg. supervisor, agent, site manager, regional manager, team manager, system administrator).
  • Mobile-first mantra, providing the right information from any device, in the right format via standard web browsers – No need to install apps.
  • Simple, easy to use, attractive user interfaces.
  • Modular product: Entry level low cost version with a simple upgrade path to enhanced features and functionality.
  • Fully scalable solution with fast and easy integration.

Why sell the same products as your competitors, when you could sell your OWN brand?

Tollring offers partners the opportunity to white-label our products and solutions for brand consistency and differentiation, already adopted by existing partners such as Samsung, Mitel and 4Com.  Contact us to find out more.

Competitive Differentiation

Competitive Differentiation

Cutting Edge Workforce Productivity

Cutting-Edge Workforce Productivity

Fully Integrated Modules

Fully Integrated Modules


Partner Analytics

Designed for partners, our service provider management console with its own rich analytics dashboard offers self-provisioning, multi-tier channel setup, access to automated billing and APIs for integration with existing tools. Fraud configuration, rules inventory and dashboards within the portal provide complete control.

Gain centralised insight into your customer’s and reseller’s operations via a fully customisable suite of products with a familiar look and feel. Through one portal, partners are able to manage customers and their applicable licenses, view business analytics and manage fraud protection.

Our partner management portal has been designed to provide everything our partners would need to be fully self-sufficient; whilst customers gain access to call analytics, contact centre wallboards, call recording, fraud and credit management – from a single vendor.

Our partner management portal provides access to:

  • A rich analytics dashboard offering business intelligence for the partner via graphs, tables and data of all customer licences, usage and activity.
  • Seamless auto-provisioning, with tight integration at platform level to reduce overall support costs.
  • Automated billing; for partners to export data/bill directly from the portal.
  • Access to billing and provisioning APIs; to create a fully managed self-service experience.
  • Proactive system monitoring and fraud detection alarming to identify call fraud, enforce company policy and meet customer service levels: A value-add service for competitive advantage.
Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Sales Opportunities

Increase Sales Opportunities

reduce churn

Reduce Churn

Telecoms Expense Management

Access a single consolidated view of telecoms services to control and manage usage, behaviour and costs, delivering cost centre billing and employee asset management.  

Delivered as Software-as-a-Service, Tollring delivers in-depth analytics at the click of a button to manage telecoms expenses and tackle rising costs.

iC360 from Tollring is a revolutionary telecoms analytics platform that integrates with your business communications systems to deliver business intelligence based on granular, enterprise-wide telecoms usage and expenses.

By leveraging a consolidated, centralised repository, critical business insights enable you to manage telecoms expenses, lower costs, achieve greater profitability and gain predictability.

  • Control and reduce costs by pro-actively managing telecoms expenses
  • Simplify management and reduce the time invested in handling telecoms expenses
  • Gain visibility of telecoms expenditure through visual dashboards and reporting
  • Increase efficiency by reducing complexity and streamlining telecoms expense management processes

The most recent addition to the Tollring services portfolio is a free independent audit of business telecoms costs covering landline, mobile, internet connectivity and IP products and data networks.

This service is run on a no-win no-fee basis so why not include it in your portfolio of services? Customers pay an agreed percentage of any money they receive in rebates and year one savings.

Contact us to benefit from 25 years experience in telecoms cost analysis, with access to tariffs from all suppliers. We manage the project, deliver written recommendations and liaise directly with suppliers. Rebates are applied to supplier invoices and savings applied to future billing.

Control and reduce costs

Control and Reduce Costs

Simplify Management

Simplify Management

Gain Visibility of Expenditure

Gain Visibility of Expenditure

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency


We understand that billing customers can be a complex task, so we empower partners with the ability to configure users, manage license usage and accurately bill for services across our solutions.

Tollring business analytics solutions reflect the billing requirements of our partners, depending on the application:

  • Billing Output: Export billing data to accurately bill customers on their usage, in line with license changes. Visit for more details
  • Call Costing: Run reports on the cost of calls from within our call analytics portal. Visit for more details
  • Billing Recharging: Analyse expenditure, recharge over a hierarchical billing structure and validate billing data through reconciliation with billing logs for cost recovery. Visit for more details
  • Billing Showback and Chargeback: Run reports to overcome the challenge of billing telecoms costs both internally and externally. Visit for more details

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